Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm the giveaway winner

Yeah! you read that right! recently I have been a fan of joining giveaways from various blogs that I follow, and what a luck! I won one giveaway haha. It's IKONS AND GARBS giveaway last June 17-30. and yes I got the prize yesterday (been busy for a while) it's GEO super nudy brown contact lens!and it comes with a solution too :) another one to review! yay! anyway thanks so much Ms. Sandra Yee :) I really love the lens :)

If you remember my last contact lens review I also bought that on Ms.Sandra's Online shop "MyChiq" And now I'll be reviewing this "GEO Super Nudy Brown".


One Thing I assure you It's so CUTE! It makes you achieve the "doll-look" because I think it's one of those doll-eyes series of GEO lenses, it has a black outer ring like any contact lens and the patterns are simple and NUDE ;))) 

Brown is stunning, I tell you. I never had Brown contact lens before that's why I'm really happy to have this color and I'm really excited to review it.

And it actually looks natural in extreme lighting like camera flash and other light source, but rarely visible in dark rooms and dark areas...but it's still cool because it make your eyes more bigger because it's bigger than  your actual iris size.

Personally I think it looks good in guys too(who wear contact lens) because it's not really that girly and it looks just fine on the skin because it's a natural color.

I also want to talk about my make up in these pictures.. I was going to achieve the Gyaru Make up but I think it's just a bit lighter than the Gyaru ;) I just really love this Make up style from Japan recently.
Hints: heavy eye make up nude lips and really high blush ;) 

ON MY FACE:( Nichido liquid eyeliner,Nichido brown eyebrow pencil,Revlon Mascara,Nichido Natural Foundation,Nichido Eye pencil,Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Mauvey color,Mary Kay Orchid Blush)

So I think that would be all have a great week ya'll ! ♥

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have Ombre nails + How to do it

Since I can't sport an ombre hair and I think it's quite late for ombre shorts.. I came up with the idea of trying cute Ombre Nails.
Well..At first I thought it was really hard to make it but hey! it's easy! problem is.. it's messy.
It's actually really nice once it's done. I choose to create it like a sunset or something :) here I'll tell you how to do it. and sorry If I don't have pictures in this tutorial.

What you'll need.
  • Two colors of nail polish
  • Nail Polish remover
  • New Sponge (any sponge, you can have dish washing sponge)
  • Toothpick 
  • Piece of Card Board
Step One: Color your nails with the color you choose to be above. Make sure it is now dry before you proceed to Step Two.
Step Two: After step one you need to put some generous amount of your two nail polish colors in the piece of card board (1/4 sized at least) put the two colors closer together once you spill them, but bnot too close maybe an inch 
Step Three:  In the distance between your two nail polish, using the toothpick mix them a bit in the space and you can see the change and mixture of the colors creating that ombre illusion.
Step Four:  After Step three dip your sponge to your mixture , don't rub just dip :)
Step Five: Now put your sponge with nail polish into your nails :) after you take it off you can now see the ombre nails but it was spongy texture on it.
- i know it's really messy but you can use your nail polish remover to remove the excess nail polish on the sides of your finger nails. and don't worry the spongy texture will lessen when it dries.
apply color less nail poish after it dries for Step Six :)
That's it! Your done! It's easier if I have pictures right? but I hope it helps :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Hair + news

Current hairstyle and yes I’m inspired by rihanna’s hair..but I’m not sure if that was a mohawk because the hair in the middle is long. well anyways I really love it 
This was taken last friday after my class and I had my haircut that day too. 
by the way.. I created another account in tumblr similar to my blog here on blogger so that makes my tumblr accounts TWO :)) get it? follow both my friends :)) - personal fashion blog in tumblr - photo blog (reblogged photos) grunge and vogue stuffs 

On the other side! I got new things :) cosmetics!
Mostly It's from Nichido, I bought them for my make up tutorial and for other make up purposes just like when my sister joined in a fashion show :)

(Nichido Eye Shadow set, Shawil Glittery Eye Shadow, Nichido Two Way cake Foundation, Nichido tru Lashes adhesive, Falsies,and Nichido Make up brush set)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to me ♥

Hello! I'm actually 15 right now! because today, June 25, 2012, It's my Birthday :) and If we are friends on facebook you can see how happy I am. Because when I was a kid I never really had a "grand" birthday celebrations,thos celebrations where there are lots of food, colorful and big cakes, and even games and entertainment. well..enough drama! I want to talk about the good side of this day!

I'm a huge fan of surprises but I don't really get them a lot.
I was in the school whole day because were not allowed to go out even during lunch breaks so I consider it the whole day. Everyone greeted me and of course I was happy even though I came late. I came late but surprised when I get in the classroom, the lights were off and as it turned on my classmates shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERT!" I was shocked and happy.
When I opened my locker which I was sharing with my best friend, Murielle, she also had a gift for me :) sweet huh?

The ultimate surprise was after all our class.
 I don't have much money but I treated my friends in a lugawan in front of our school and I have no idea that they have a surprise after we finished eating one of my friends told me he was going to the store to reload his sim card we all laughed because that was my other classmate's excuse when she bought this cute little cupcake form a near pastry shop. When my friend came came wasn't a cupcake! It was my sister with my "almost-special somene-fritz" XD since they go in the same school. I as so surprised that I almost cried they were all singing a happy birthday song and my sister was carrying a medium sized chocolate cake and best part is Fritz greeted and hugged me.

I have no idea all this time. hahaha

of course 1D a gift for myself XD ♥

 When my friend came came wasn't a cupcake! It was my sister with my "almost-special somene-fritz" XD since they go in the same school. I as so surprised that I almost cried they were all singing a happy birthday song and my sister was carrying a medium sized chocolate cake and best part is Fritz greeted and hugged me.
My classmates made the happy birthday banner during class and I didn't even notice it hahaha good moves my friends :))

chocolate cake, i kept the box with me ;) hehehe my sister and Fritz shared money to buy this cake ♥

my beautiful sister even without her hair done and make up. THANKS for all of this because she planned all of this along with my classmates :)

Fritz here is my crush for almost 5 months he is younger than me one year but it's not obvious though XD were like more than friends but really are friends he calls me "bibi" really cute. I really like him but I'm not really sure if he knows..well.. my friends know. he was really sweet to give me a hug and make efforts to make me feel loved. thank you fritz♥

Even though my mom and dad wasn't around that time..I was completely happy with my friends and my sister it was something that I will always remember till the day I die. BEST BIRTHDAY I HAD SO FAR 

thank you Lord God for this day and for another year in my life thanks for the past 14 years and all the trials and blessings.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I know I haven't updated that much this past few weeks because I really don't have new things to blog and I can't post looks because of school. I can't really promise to post but I will try and as you can see I TRIED! :D
Just a boring Sunday afternoon and I decided to make a mini photo shoot ;) and I'm starting to evolve my style in a more serious sense, grunge fashion explains it :) with the help of my little sister :)

this shoot is inspired from lots of tumblr posts related to hipster and grunge. btw here is my tumblr for those who has :)

this photos are also inspired from Rihanna's music video for "We Found Love" because I want that music video so much ! :))

 the lights were really cute effects :)

Also my birthday is almost there and I don't think It's gonna be good. (as always) BITTER XD

that would be all for this week. God bless :)

Elbert G.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Third Year ♥ ∞

Hello School ! Yes I'm back in my school for another year :) and it's really great to be back, why? Almost everything go according to plan. I'm still with my past classmates/best friends :) 

It's really great to see ourselves changed and grown XD but of course were still the same in terms of treating each other.

not the half of the class. ;)

I promised to blog on weekends :) here is my favorite pic. and this is how I look when I'm at school (light make up and simple styling)

I promised my friends to post their faces on my blog so here they are.

This is Leanza, Really funny gal I say, and were really fond of grooming her hair and face XD

Our laughter and smiles is something we don't need to learn from anyone..♥

Oh. I just LOVE them so much.. they're so good to me ;)) 

and yes! all of us still have our "summer-hang-over" XD, my friends henna tattoo,and some of us still has they're hair highlights.

I know it's not much related to my blog theme but I just want to share how important these people are for me..well that's all guys..I hope I can still be active, because next week we will have our formal class. and I think I'm gonna have my haircut. good luck to me.

     -elbert g.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back to School and Goodbye Summer.

Oh yes! I never really thought of missing this summer even though it doesn't have much impact in my history XD
Well..I'll miss sleeping 10 to 12 hours of course, I always skip breakfast and lunch and i always go home late hahaha.
I'm also going back to school this Monday and I'm pretty excited, I'm now in 3rd year high school and FYI I'm on the right age! for thos who think I look like college XD, I'll get to see my classmates again and maybe I'll meet some new friends too :D plus! I can't wait to share my experiences this summer, one of them is having my fashion blog ;) (which I consider the most highlight this summer) LOL

I'm actually the type of person who doesn't get involved in serious school activities but going to school is like the most happiest thing for me, because only in school I can be free and have fun. yes..maybe only 45% is learning hahaha.

What I hate about school is that I'm not free with my haircut!! so I guess it's goodbye for long bangs and thick hair for now..but STILL! I'll try my best to achieve cute hairstyles like pixie haircuts( unlike last school year my last hairstyle was complete crap.

But you guys shouldn't worry! I'll still be updating this blog. I'll try to posts looks once a week and I'm working on a serious Vintage Project and I'm pretty excited with it! Also.. I'll be starting to do make-up tutorials since I think I'm complete with the materials :))

I hope you'll enjoy guys! :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Look: Florals with Dark Elements

Floral Pants,Floral Bag
Grey sweater,Cross necklace,Oxford Shoes

OK! I know I thought my Lady Gaga look was the last for summer. I was wrong! Yes, I posted another. I really helped myself not to post this but I just can't, because I think the blending of Girly floral pieces and Dark Elements such as cross necklaces and grunge style outfits is a great blog post ;) 

nothing much to say about this look I just love how it came out.

a close up of my floral pants :)

this bag was a gift from my best friend and I totally love it :)

My outfit today was actually for my friend's birthday but she didn't show up and cancelled the celebration :3 My other friends were off to Gaisano Mall and just played around hahaha

I look fat as fat! XDDD

I love the iced coffee of Mcdonalds first time to taste it :))

 elbertG † 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Look: Lady Gaga Inspired.

cross and chains design on my sando made by me. HYPE on LOOKBOOK here

I'm back with my first look for May and my last look for this summer. Story behind the look? Well..I was so depressed that I can't go to Lady Gaga's concert that's why my sister and I decided to to pull off a lady gaga get-up. It's actually really hard to find some fashion pieces that is a bit similar to Lady Gaga's outfits, that's why I came up to the idea of creating my own outfit :)

First I chose which outfit I'm going to wear, I only take inspirations I don't copy them ;) I decided to take two outfit inspirations one from " Marry the Night " and one from " Judas "

The Zebra-print pants were my style touch, Because I really love animal prints :)

 "denim and studs 1980s outfit from Marry the Night"
"leather,metal,cross and gangster touch from Judas"

I was a bit disappointed by my nails that day because I failed to color them black but overall It was a fun day :) and in fact that was the first time I wore RED lipstick! :0 yes! And I also did lady gaga's signature mole on the cheek, but I placed it on the other side, which is completely wrong FAIL!

 her mole ;)
my mole ;)

I'm going to talk about the outfit and about what I did that day :)

the jacket and the sando were actually plain :) and I edited it to add some gaga touch :)
I bought these chains for 25 Php and the cross pendants for 10 Php 3pieces. from CraftShop 

I placed the chains on the side of the denim jacket and on the center of the sando, illusion is-it looks like
two necklaces hanging.  I didn't wore the gangster bandana in the picture yet because I think it makes me look too BAD hahaha

close up on the details I made.

and also, my sister's outfit is my idea I wanna thank her too for taking my pictures follow her blog on tumblr

I was planning for a lady gaga make-up too, but my confidence were gone. so I just showed up with thin line of Nichido Eyeliner pencil and thick coat of Revlon Mascara and EB Scarlet Matte Lipstick.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. PAWS UP!