Thursday, May 3, 2012

First LOOKBOOK post

this was my first lookbook post and I decided to share it here. I wasn't really planning on posting these photos but It just came to me like lightning.

I wore this during the last day of our class. It was retro inspired because of my love for T-ara's song "Roly Poly" where the concept was like John Travolta's teenage years :D and I consider retro and vintage as a very FASHION-FORWARD era :)

I'm not really a great fan of colored pants but this color (sky blue) is really pleasing to my eyes.

Another thing, WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG.
If your a fan of Grunge,Vintage,Bohemian,Retro,Hipster Fashion then you might be interested in my blog :) I'm not really one-sided when It comes to dressing up or picking clothes so this blog is for everybody.

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