Friday, May 4, 2012

New circle lens+ Review: 3-tone colored lenses

I finally got my hands on new pair of circle lenses after 5 months of using my blue doll eyes lenses. The reason why I bought new lenses is that sometimes I feel that my past doll eye contact lens is heavy, YES! it is heavy(I think) and I want new color, a realistic or a t least accepted type of color in the streets :)

So I ended up buying three-tone contact lens, which I totally ADORE :)

first of all please excuse my poor make-up skills :( and I love to edit my pictures so please just respect :)


It's totally light weight and it doesn't bother you that much when you wear it, but be very careful when handling it because it's really light that when you handle it without care, it will surely tear off. Don't be scared to pick this color (grey) because for me I think grey is like a universal color or something because I know someone who is really tan and she wears this type of color, it doesn't look that bad. 

It looks so real because of the yellow ring in the middle of your eye's iris and the grey (just like a natural gray eye)  and the patterns are just plain lines :) unlike my doll eye it's not that big and it doesn't have black outer ring.

This type of lenses are perfect for casual occasions like elegant parties and church :) I bought this lenses for just 350 php on an online shop in facebook. the price is so cheap for a 1-year lens. 
If you want to buy lenses at this price heres the link

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  1. These lenses are soo pretty!
    Can I ask what they are called, the link doesn't work anymore! Thank You :)