Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Look: Lady Gaga Inspired.

cross and chains design on my sando made by me. HYPE on LOOKBOOK here

I'm back with my first look for May and my last look for this summer. Story behind the look? Well..I was so depressed that I can't go to Lady Gaga's concert that's why my sister and I decided to to pull off a lady gaga get-up. It's actually really hard to find some fashion pieces that is a bit similar to Lady Gaga's outfits, that's why I came up to the idea of creating my own outfit :)

First I chose which outfit I'm going to wear, I only take inspirations I don't copy them ;) I decided to take two outfit inspirations one from " Marry the Night " and one from " Judas "

The Zebra-print pants were my style touch, Because I really love animal prints :)

 "denim and studs 1980s outfit from Marry the Night"
"leather,metal,cross and gangster touch from Judas"

I was a bit disappointed by my nails that day because I failed to color them black but overall It was a fun day :) and in fact that was the first time I wore RED lipstick! :0 yes! And I also did lady gaga's signature mole on the cheek, but I placed it on the other side, which is completely wrong FAIL!

 her mole ;)
my mole ;)

I'm going to talk about the outfit and about what I did that day :)

the jacket and the sando were actually plain :) and I edited it to add some gaga touch :)
I bought these chains for 25 Php and the cross pendants for 10 Php 3pieces. from CraftShop 

I placed the chains on the side of the denim jacket and on the center of the sando, illusion is-it looks like
two necklaces hanging.  I didn't wore the gangster bandana in the picture yet because I think it makes me look too BAD hahaha

close up on the details I made.

and also, my sister's outfit is my idea I wanna thank her too for taking my pictures follow her blog on tumblr

I was planning for a lady gaga make-up too, but my confidence were gone. so I just showed up with thin line of Nichido Eyeliner pencil and thick coat of Revlon Mascara and EB Scarlet Matte Lipstick.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. PAWS UP! 


  1. indeed a lady gaga look!! :))