Sunday, May 13, 2012

New stuff (cosmetics skin and eye)

(top,left to right Mary Kay Signature loose powder,Revlon lash fantasy primer and mascara,Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser,Mary Kay Blemish control toner,& Mary Kay oil control lotion ) 

So I'm back guys and with new stuffs to blog, and this time it's about Make up. Usually make up is an essential for people like me, you know "fashionably-inclined" sort of person? LOL, and besides my blog is about Fashion and beauty :)

Where did I get all of this? well...these were gifts from my grandmother who formerly sells Mary Kay products and she was thinking what she would do with the products left that weren't sold (she no longer sells them) so that's why my sister and I ended up having all those stuffs ;) cool huh? because some of the products were a bit expensive and we(sister and I) had them for free. We excused our being  fashion-bloggers so that she'll be convinced :3 The mascara is the only Revlon because that was bought today when we were at the Airport's Duty Free for only $11.00 hahaha 

I'll be reviewing them and sorry if there are no pictures of me wearing the Revlon mascara yet, Maybe next time because it's new and I don't have time to photograph it yet, but I already used it so trust my review :)

so I'll start with Revlon Lash Fantasy total definition primer and mascara (and YES my nails are black, just feeling so Lady Gaga at the moment) 

I'm starting to love Mascaras and I was planning to buy one for school comeback this June, but hey! it's advance! and it's such a great type of mascara. What's so great? It has an eyelash primer with it on the other side, what's an eyelash primer? it helps your mascara to look thick and it helps your eyelash fan out. and It's totally perfect for light make-up days like school because you won't need eyeliner because the the mascara darken the upper portion without the look of having too much ;)

this is what the primer looks like it's content is like cream-base and it's not sticky :)
and the mascara :)

It's really funny when I remember those days when I was so obsessed of Korean's white complexion that I bought  all those whitening products like BB creams hahaha but now. I have gone over them and I focus on being contented for what I have and just take care of it :)

Mary Kay Signature series lose powder  

I told you about being contented with your skin right? So when your exactly like me I recommend you this :) Why? because this type of powder let's you control how light complexion you would like for your skin and it gives good coverage like a concealer and It's also perfect for light make-up days ;) It's in a powder form that's why you may need  a brush when applying it ;) plus it doesn't make you look white as in trying-hard-white :)

My brush is for powder and blush on :) It's also Mary Kay.

And also I wanna add something about my base :) I use Mary Kay oil control lotion before I apply the powder it's lotion so be carefree to apply :) and it's effective for me, I just don't like it's smell that much :/

Lastly the skin care products. So skincare, well I'm absolutely obsessed with them, because even though I have gone over getting whiter I still haven't gone over being flawless haha, well I'm not saying that I'm really flawless but skincare products and make up helps me with that. PS- I don't edit my skin that heavy when I'm editing my blog posts If you look closely you can see blemishes :) but I'm proud of it :)

Mary Kay oil-free eye make-up remover

Oh yes! the cutest one in the collection ;) the eye make-up remover with the pink bottle haha I personally think this is my favorite because inside you can see the separation between the water and oil and it also bubbles when you shake it, it looks like a snow globe hahaha. Well..It's for removing eye make-up such as eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara :)

Mary Kay Timewise 3-in1 cleanser

After I remove the make up I use this for cleansing but it can also be used as a eye make up remover too. It's content looks like gel with purple beads on it :) and I also have the other version of this the pink one. One thing I don't like about Mary Kay products are the scent of the products :/ and the instructions and descriptions at the back are hard to understand idk why? haha

last one.. Mary Kay blemish control toner

I finish everything with the toner because it helps prevent the production of pimples and blemishes, it should be used with a cotton and spread around the face :)

That's all and I hope you enjoyed and found out something new about Beauty and make-up. Follow my blog for more of this and more of me :)

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