Monday, May 7, 2012


Hello guys! So I wasn't around for 2 days because me and my family had our rush beach affair. This isn't our first summer get away, but this is my first time to blog about it.

I enjoyed the two days of sea breeze, summer heat and a lot of cam whoring with my sister ;) 
I tell you we spent 80 % of our time cam whoring. 

It's really hot that day that the heat of the sun is like pinching every cell you have XD but it was a total relief when we plunge ourselves in the clear waters of Samal :) the water isn't that cold but it was totally refreshing .
this was taken after all our cam whoring and sun bathing ;)
wondering why I don't look tan?

I'm so addicted to beaches when I was a kid and I don't really care If I'll look tan or have sunburn as long as I enjoy. But in my age now I'm so conscious and I hate it if I look so dark in my photos(too Filipino huh?) well..I'm not that fair skinned if you see me in person that's why I take care of my skin a lot to maintain good skin quality.

and to protect my skin from the sun and protect it from burning and turning tan. I used Mary Kay timewise day solution  sunscreen SPF 25.

I'm not really sure that it is for beach purposes but it worked for me.

This product also comes with a night solution that helps regenerate and moisturises skin. I also apply it when I'm going out during morning and when I shoot photos for my looks. I guarantee you quality. 

best summer accessories are SUNGLASSES.

summer get up will never be complete without your sunglasses ;) this cute accents automatically adds that summer-y vibe in every look, well of course it's up to the style.

today's sunglasses styles revolves around Ray Bans, Huge glasses etc. and I want to be unique in some ways    so I choose round vintage glasses just like lady gaga's, it's really cute and elegant for me , the sunglasses is a gift from my grandfather, haha and they really know my sense of style now. 

that's all for now. and I know my summer is not that slammin' in my history , but at least I enjoyed a bit.

so how's yours?

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