Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yes! I do play at

Who says playing dress-up is for kids? hahaha I just wanna talk about what I'm up to for the past two days, I have been playing a lot a games in It's a girly website where you can create your own doll, play dress-up games, earn money and even go shopping for clothes,make-up and even house decorations, COOL RIGHT? and it's really addictive.

I'll talk about this website and I hope you'll sign up to and be friends with me LOL.

So this is my "me doll" and behind her is my closet ;)

In signing up your going to choose what is your type of style and gender, and yes! I choose female because I can't really avail with the super cute clothes If my body structure is male :) and you can also update your me doll on the beauty parlor :)

I play it like in real life haha, for example when I'm going to parties like chat room, I dress up like I'm going to a bar haha.

This is the beauty parlor where you can change your hair and make-up and also whee you can put your accessories :)

It's easy to gain money here, just log-in everyday and you'll have 500 stardoll coins :) and there are plenty of things you can buy with your stardoll coins because there are variety of choices in the shopping center :) and it's not that expensive.

this is my doll after I customized her hair and lipstick :) PS I made the hair in the parlor :) haha

few accessories for her :)

customized my room and my outfit for shopping and party :) haha

What I do everyday? I play games where you can dress-up celebrities :) and when I gain money I shopping :)

Shopping center :)

Also If your poor like me ;) haha you can use the search bar for cheap but cute finds because if you go directly to a store almost everything in the store are sold for stardollars :/

the search bar 
cute outfits for less cost :)

What are the stardollars? there are the gold stuffs that premium members get :/ but you can also have them in promos and sometimes they just give them :) I have about 20 star dollars but I spent 7 stardollars for the hair that I made, so now I have 13 and I think I'mma spend it ;)

I decided to shop for make-up today :)
this where you can buy make-up and hair color. It's at the Beauty category :)
I bought mascara for 3 stardollars and  hair color similar to lady gaga's mint hair for 6 stardollars.

after shopping my doll ended up looking like this :) with cute mint hair and bright eyes :)
cute huh? 

so? are you interested ? sign up now and join me! ;)
and by the way I'm gonna post looks of my doll on my jux account

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