Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back to School and Goodbye Summer.

Oh yes! I never really thought of missing this summer even though it doesn't have much impact in my history XD
Well..I'll miss sleeping 10 to 12 hours of course, I always skip breakfast and lunch and i always go home late hahaha.
I'm also going back to school this Monday and I'm pretty excited, I'm now in 3rd year high school and FYI I'm on the right age! for thos who think I look like college XD, I'll get to see my classmates again and maybe I'll meet some new friends too :D plus! I can't wait to share my experiences this summer, one of them is having my fashion blog ;) (which I consider the most highlight this summer) LOL

I'm actually the type of person who doesn't get involved in serious school activities but going to school is like the most happiest thing for me, because only in school I can be free and have fun. yes..maybe only 45% is learning hahaha.

What I hate about school is that I'm not free with my haircut!! so I guess it's goodbye for long bangs and thick hair for now..but STILL! I'll try my best to achieve cute hairstyles like pixie haircuts( unlike last school year my last hairstyle was complete crap.

But you guys shouldn't worry! I'll still be updating this blog. I'll try to posts looks once a week and I'm working on a serious Vintage Project and I'm pretty excited with it! Also.. I'll be starting to do make-up tutorials since I think I'm complete with the materials :))

I hope you'll enjoy guys! :)


  1. Such a nice photo! And i love the editing of the lighting. Lomo fix :p
    And same here, I'm having GOODBYE-SUMMER-BLUES :(

    xx Forever Nineteen

    1. ohh thanks :3 and yeah it's really hard to say goodbye with summer XD
      btw your blog is cool :)