Sunday, June 17, 2012


I know I haven't updated that much this past few weeks because I really don't have new things to blog and I can't post looks because of school. I can't really promise to post but I will try and as you can see I TRIED! :D
Just a boring Sunday afternoon and I decided to make a mini photo shoot ;) and I'm starting to evolve my style in a more serious sense, grunge fashion explains it :) with the help of my little sister :)

this shoot is inspired from lots of tumblr posts related to hipster and grunge. btw here is my tumblr for those who has :)

this photos are also inspired from Rihanna's music video for "We Found Love" because I want that music video so much ! :))

 the lights were really cute effects :)

Also my birthday is almost there and I don't think It's gonna be good. (as always) BITTER XD

that would be all for this week. God bless :)

Elbert G.

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