Saturday, June 9, 2012

Third Year ♥ ∞

Hello School ! Yes I'm back in my school for another year :) and it's really great to be back, why? Almost everything go according to plan. I'm still with my past classmates/best friends :) 

It's really great to see ourselves changed and grown XD but of course were still the same in terms of treating each other.

not the half of the class. ;)

I promised to blog on weekends :) here is my favorite pic. and this is how I look when I'm at school (light make up and simple styling)

I promised my friends to post their faces on my blog so here they are.

This is Leanza, Really funny gal I say, and were really fond of grooming her hair and face XD

Our laughter and smiles is something we don't need to learn from anyone..♥

Oh. I just LOVE them so much.. they're so good to me ;)) 

and yes! all of us still have our "summer-hang-over" XD, my friends henna tattoo,and some of us still has they're hair highlights.

I know it's not much related to my blog theme but I just want to share how important these people are for me..well that's all guys..I hope I can still be active, because next week we will have our formal class. and I think I'm gonna have my haircut. good luck to me.

     -elbert g.

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