Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have Ombre nails + How to do it

Since I can't sport an ombre hair and I think it's quite late for ombre shorts.. I came up with the idea of trying cute Ombre Nails.
Well..At first I thought it was really hard to make it but hey! it's easy! problem is.. it's messy.
It's actually really nice once it's done. I choose to create it like a sunset or something :) here I'll tell you how to do it. and sorry If I don't have pictures in this tutorial.

What you'll need.
  • Two colors of nail polish
  • Nail Polish remover
  • New Sponge (any sponge, you can have dish washing sponge)
  • Toothpick 
  • Piece of Card Board
Step One: Color your nails with the color you choose to be above. Make sure it is now dry before you proceed to Step Two.
Step Two: After step one you need to put some generous amount of your two nail polish colors in the piece of card board (1/4 sized at least) put the two colors closer together once you spill them, but bnot too close maybe an inch 
Step Three:  In the distance between your two nail polish, using the toothpick mix them a bit in the space and you can see the change and mixture of the colors creating that ombre illusion.
Step Four:  After Step three dip your sponge to your mixture , don't rub just dip :)
Step Five: Now put your sponge with nail polish into your nails :) after you take it off you can now see the ombre nails but it was spongy texture on it.
- i know it's really messy but you can use your nail polish remover to remove the excess nail polish on the sides of your finger nails. and don't worry the spongy texture will lessen when it dries.
apply color less nail poish after it dries for Step Six :)
That's it! Your done! It's easier if I have pictures right? but I hope it helps :)

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  1. great! gonna try this one!! :)

    p.s.: please pm me your contact number so that i can give you your item :) (send it on mychiq onlineshop).. thanks :)

    hope you can visit my blog too :)