Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm the giveaway winner

Yeah! you read that right! recently I have been a fan of joining giveaways from various blogs that I follow, and what a luck! I won one giveaway haha. It's IKONS AND GARBS giveaway last June 17-30. and yes I got the prize yesterday (been busy for a while) it's GEO super nudy brown contact lens!and it comes with a solution too :) another one to review! yay! anyway thanks so much Ms. Sandra Yee :) I really love the lens :)

If you remember my last contact lens review I also bought that on Ms.Sandra's Online shop "MyChiq" And now I'll be reviewing this "GEO Super Nudy Brown".


One Thing I assure you It's so CUTE! It makes you achieve the "doll-look" because I think it's one of those doll-eyes series of GEO lenses, it has a black outer ring like any contact lens and the patterns are simple and NUDE ;))) 

Brown is stunning, I tell you. I never had Brown contact lens before that's why I'm really happy to have this color and I'm really excited to review it.

And it actually looks natural in extreme lighting like camera flash and other light source, but rarely visible in dark rooms and dark areas...but it's still cool because it make your eyes more bigger because it's bigger than  your actual iris size.

Personally I think it looks good in guys too(who wear contact lens) because it's not really that girly and it looks just fine on the skin because it's a natural color.

I also want to talk about my make up in these pictures.. I was going to achieve the Gyaru Make up but I think it's just a bit lighter than the Gyaru ;) I just really love this Make up style from Japan recently.
Hints: heavy eye make up nude lips and really high blush ;) 

ON MY FACE:( Nichido liquid eyeliner,Nichido brown eyebrow pencil,Revlon Mascara,Nichido Natural Foundation,Nichido Eye pencil,Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Mauvey color,Mary Kay Orchid Blush)

So I think that would be all have a great week ya'll ! ♥

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