Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Hair + news

Current hairstyle and yes I’m inspired by rihanna’s hair..but I’m not sure if that was a mohawk because the hair in the middle is long. well anyways I really love it 
This was taken last friday after my class and I had my haircut that day too. 
by the way.. I created another account in tumblr similar to my blog here on blogger so that makes my tumblr accounts TWO :)) get it? follow both my friends :)) - personal fashion blog in tumblr - photo blog (reblogged photos) grunge and vogue stuffs 

On the other side! I got new things :) cosmetics!
Mostly It's from Nichido, I bought them for my make up tutorial and for other make up purposes just like when my sister joined in a fashion show :)

(Nichido Eye Shadow set, Shawil Glittery Eye Shadow, Nichido Two Way cake Foundation, Nichido tru Lashes adhesive, Falsies,and Nichido Make up brush set)

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  1. wow! love your new hairstyle!! looks totally great!! :)

    by the way, check my blog tomorrow! I have a surprise for you!! :) and don't dare miss it!!! :)